Huge Gap Between Need and Funding of Mental Health in Africa

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By David J. Olson Sean Mayberry has spent his entire life surrounded by mental illness. As a child and an adult, people close to him have endured this affliction. But he had an epiphany when he happened upon a young man behind a farmhouse in Uganda, sitting in his own excrement and digging in the [...]

Who has the remote control in your house?

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What we watch and how we watch content is changing. Whilst globally traditional television is still the content of choice, the way we view and interact with it is moving fast. There is far more choice of what to watch then ever before. Many consumers have access to literally hundreds of traditional channels through their [...]

Out in the Open – talking about Men’s health

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This week is #MensHealthWeek which focuses on healthy living amongst the male population. Startling statistics reveal that the biggest single cause of death in men is cancer with men having a 67% higher chance of dying from cancers that affect both men and women* WebsEdge/Health recently travelled to Geneva, Switzerland for EAU TV to find [...]

Women Trying to Regain Dignity by Ending Fistula

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Global Health TV Blog- May By David J. Olson BAMAKO, Mali — Djantou came here from Fangala, her village northwest of Bamako, to repair her fistula, a hole between the birth canal and the bladder or rectum caused by prolonged, obstructed labor without adequate treatment. Djantou’s fistula occurred while she was in labor during her first [...]

Tobacco OR Health TV captures Global Health Developments

APRIL 28, 2015 12:04 AM| no comments

Back in February in our Global Health blog, David Olsen discussed the shift in popularity of tobacco use from western cultures to developing countries with a dramatic 57% increase in Africa and the Middle East. At the recent World Congress on Tobacco OR Health (WCTOH) in Abu Dhabi, WebsEdge_Health produced Tobacco OR Health TV to [...]

Teaching Science in the Technological Era

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At the recent National Science Teachers Association conference in Chicago, WebsEdge/Education produced NSTA TV for a second year running. Reporting on the latest development in STEM Education, including the idea that video games could be used as the next teaching and measurement tool raises questions on the impact of popular culture trends on youth and [...]

What’s up?

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With 2015 getting under way, I’ve started thinking about what’s in store for us here at WebsEdge and our industry in the coming year. It’s been a busy start for us. We completed two events in Washington – one on child and maternal health (watch here) and the other on global warming and the environment [...]