Saving Lives: Organ Donation Week (UK)

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Organ transplantation can be a lifesaving procedure, yet statistics show that one in ten people will die while waiting. In the UK alone, there are over 6,000 people currently on the waiting list.

Organ donation has dropped for the first time in the UK in 11 years, raising concerns to the health professionals – but it’s not the only one in transplantation. At the recent American Transplant Congress, specialists were interviewed by Transplantation TV to hear what they feel are the challenges facing the professional right now.

Among those challenges, access to transplantation, availability of organs, utilization of those organs available and chronic organ rejection were identified as current barriers to in transplantation.

Watch more from the American Transplant Congress here.

Addressing some of these issues, the Institute of Cancer Genomic Sciences at the University of Birmingham in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, have been developing innovative drugs and cellaur therapies for transplantation patients. Through their transplant trials acceleration program, they have been able to connect a number of patients with clinical trials which has led to great success, improving the survival rate and overall outcome for patients.

The University of Birmingham featured in EBMT TV at the Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Learn more about the advances in blood and marrow transplantation here.

Organ Donation Week – ODW (previously known as National Transplant Week) highlights the current efforts in the UK to address the needs of patients who require a transplant and the importance of organ donation. ODW raises awareness about the shortage of organs and the need for an increase in the number of people registering as donors. This week also provides an opportunity to recognise the advances in medicine and clinical practice that has helped to improve and save lives.

To register as an organ donor in the UK, click here  and find out more from the NHS (National Health Service).

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