Turning 20 in style

FEBRUARY 06, 2017 12:02 AM| no comments

WebsEdge is almost 20. And as you can imagine we’re approaching that milestone in style. A full slate of conferences – our most ever – and a hatful of gold awards.

It’s always good to win awards. I know we become more sceptical as we get older but it’s a real accolade for the producers and means a lot for us as a company. One of our most recent is in paediatric health and was produced for the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The film looks at foetuses diagnosed with congenital heart disease and the care provided for them. It was part of ACOG TV, a series we produced for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Annual Meeting and was extremely well received.

We’ll be at the ACOG meeting again in 2017 – among many others as we have almost 20 over the next three months alone. That’s quite a workload – the conferences cover all four corners of the globe as well as the full gamut of health, education and government.  It’ll be our first time at the Experimental Biology annual meeting and  also at Heart Rhythm 2017 which will both be in Chicago . In the mix, we will be returning for our sixth time to the American Physical Society March Meeting taking place this year in New Orleans and the European Association of Urology in our home town of London.

What really strikes me though is the complexity of the subjects we cover. We’re working with world leading experts across subjects as diverse as intelligent transport, science teaching in schools and universities as well as the latest developments in biophysics. As the subjects become more complex, so do the communication channels we use. The films still appear on traditional TV’s during the events but they also form part of Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, apps and blogs to name but a few.

But none of this changes the fundamental reason our producer Cath won that award. It’s for storytelling. And you know what, the more complex the world becomes so does the importance of good old fashioned story telling.

Stephen Horn
CEO, WebsEdge Ltd
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