Who has the remote control in your house?

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What we watch and how we watch content is changing. Whilst globally traditional television is still the content of choice, the way we view and interact with it is moving fast.

There is far more choice of what to watch then ever before. Many consumers have access to literally hundreds of traditional channels through their televisions and now can access content via many methods such as:

• Over the top devices – such as Apple TV’s, that provide access to both channels and on demand content.
• Internet content – such as YouTube which can be accessed on television or mobile devices.
• Apps such as the BBC’s iPlayer that arguably work across all those categories!

Some of this change is driven by technology, as more and more people are watching video on their smart phone or tablet. Some is driven by demographics. Younger people are more likely to watch content on the smaller screens partly because they’re comfortable with those devices and partly because they don’t necessarily have control over the family television set.

The way we search for video is changing too. Over 60% looking for video online will do it through YouTube rather that traditional search engines or mobile sites. People like to share content – over 33% of people watching videos will share it with friends through Apps and platforms such as Facebook.

At WebsEdge we’re seeing some of this change as well. All our content is available at the conferences; we cover both in their hotel rooms and at the convention center itself. Our content is also available through a number of online channels such as our website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

We know from surveys we do that around three quarters of attendees are aware of our programming through the hotel cable channel we provide, but our online viewing figures are growing fast.

After our website itself the vast majority of our online viewers come through YouTube – 83%. But a significant driver of that traffic is Twitter – some 30%. Over half our viewers – 58% – do so by a mobile device and the average viewing time was nearly three and a half minutes – a considerable chunk of time for online content.

We’re finding out what every broadcaster knows. You’ve got to give people the type of content they want the way they want it. As choice expands we need to get ever more flexible, but one thing remains constant. Quality.

Stephen Horn
CEO, WebsEdge LtdMiesten kengät laajasta valikoimasta

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