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FEBRUARY 09, 2015 12:02 AM| no comments

With 2015 getting under way, I’ve started thinking about what’s in store for us here at WebsEdge and our industry in the coming year.

It’s been a busy start for us. We completed two events in Washington – one on child and maternal health (watch here) and the other on global warming and the environment (watch here). And there’s plenty more to come as we gear up for an extremely busy Spring.

But even in these early days a number of trends are becoming clear. The first of these for me is not just the quality of content but also the relevance. Because everyone has so much choice – in both what and when they watch – it’s more important than ever to make our content both excellent and compelling.

For us here at WebsEdge that has a number of implications. Our audiences are all experts in their field, which gives us the challenge of producing very specific yet high quality short form content. We’ve also been looking at the role of our TV presenters. We’ve assembled a team of folks who combine television skills with knowledge in a certain area. Everything we do is focused on our audiences – and as they change so do we.

There have also been a number of changes in the ways in which people consume television. At WebsEdge we’ve always given our viewers choice. You can watch our shows around conference centers, in your hotel room, on hand held devices and through social media.

And more generally we’ve seen the rise of the so called ‘second screen’ where someone would interact with a television program on their mobile device using social media applications such as Twitter or Instagram. In fact when we’re conducting a major interview we use these techniques to find the questions our viewers want answered.

But even there the speed of change is dramatic. The mobile second screen has been promoted! And we’re now getting to the stage where the mobile device is taking precedence as personalization and convenience comes together.

Let me give you an example – the Reuters TV app, which allows you to download your own custom made television show onto your mobile phone or iPad and watch it where and when you like. A development that may still be in its infancy but is clearly the way our industry is heading.

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