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This week is #MensHealthWeek which focuses on healthy living amongst the male population. Startling statistics reveal that the biggest single cause of death in men is cancer with men having a 67% higher chance of dying from cancers that affect both men and women*

WebsEdge/Health recently travelled to Geneva, Switzerland for EAU TV to find out more about a dedicated prostate cancer centre that provides integrated care and resources for patients beyond treatment and surgery.

Unhealthy lifestyles amongst men can also contribute to other health conditions including chronic liver diseases, diabetes, mental health and heart conditions.

‘Celebrities open the dialogue’

Today there is still stigma for men to talk about health related issues. We spoke with Joe Pantoliano at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference who openly discussed his battles with mental illness and his road to recovery.

He also shares with APA TV the role celebrities can play in breaking down the barriers and talking about health issues. This is further supported by NASCAR driver, Ryan Reed.

Earlier this month, ADA TV spoke with Ryan Reed at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions in Boston about being diagnosed with diabetes. In the UK, 56 per cent of all adults with diabetes are men**.

Ryan also shared why he has partnered with the ADA on the Drive to Stop Diabetes campaign and how it supports people to make lifestyle changes to improve their condition and not to let it stop you for doing the things you enjoy the most.

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** www.diabetes.org.uk//Diabetes-key-stats-guidelines-April2014.pdfAsics Onitsuka Tiger

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