Global Health Council Closing its Operations

APRIL 26, 2012 12:04 AM| no comments

Like many of the partners and colleagues we have worked with over the years, we were shocked and saddened to learn that the Global Health Council is closing operations after forty years of service to the field of global health.  As a forum for advocacy, shared learning, networking and mutual support, the Council’s contributions have been both broad and deep, and it is difficult to imagine the global health community without this tenacious champion for the health needs of the world’s poorest people.

WebsEdge/Health is particularly grateful to the Council for its active engagement and support for Global Health TV.  It was our shared vision and partnership that helped create a widely available broadcast program highlighting the work and results of global health organizations and individuals, illustrating that progress is possible, even on some of the most intractable issues.

From its modest beginnings at the Council’s 2005 annual conference, Global Health TV has grown to become an established year-round channel for capturing, disseminating and celebrating key events and developments in the global health field. It is now featured on as well as on its stand-alone site at, and it broadcasts regularly from important global health conferences taking place around the world. Our in-depth reports cover a range of topics from AIDS and Malaria to the often-neglected Global Mental Health issues.

It is a privilege for us to be involved with the many organizations, such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, Jhpiego, Sightsavers, Children without Worms and many universities that first began working with us in the context of our work with the Global Health Council.  We have filmed in over 50 countries, and the dedication and passion we have encountered with each project both humbles us and gives us hope for what we can all achieve together.  The films we create for this community continue to be the work that inspires us most, and with gratitude and fondness for the organization that first helped make it possible, we look forward to continuing that work for many years to come.

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