Fire Safety in the home- the value of smoke alarms

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Three out of five home fire deaths in the USA between 2007-2011 happened from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Worryingly, one quarter of home fire deaths (USA) are caused by fires started in the bedroom. This raises the question, how safe are we in our homes?

The National Fire Protection Association (USA)  dedicated the 2015 Fire Prevention week to communicating the importance of smoke alarms, particularly in the bedroom for this reason.

Following the progress of fire safety, we spoke with Fire Marshal Andy King from City of Franklin, Tennessee for IAFC TV about the importance of smoke alarms and how local fire departments can support the community to access and maintain them.

Collaborative community support between local fire departments and other public services are important to tackling fire safety in the community. In the City of Surrey, British Columbia in a joint effort with the local government, a Homesafe program was implemented which included door to door fire safety education from firefighters and smoke alarm giveaways.

The impact of the program was very evident straightaway, in its first two years the HomeSafe program reduced the annual fire rate in Surrey’s highest risk homes by 64%. Watch the video below to learn more about the program.

New technological advances in fire safety have evolved to enhance the response to a fire threat. At the 2015 Fire Rescue International conference, IAFC TV showcased fire suppression technology developed by Plumis, Ltd. The water efficient Automist device works with existing heat detectors to release a mist to control domestic fires. Watch a demonstration below to see how the device works and its impacts on residential buildings.

Smoke alarms along with fire safety education play an important role in prevention and harm reduction from house fires. As technology advances, new opportunities for tackling house fires could emerge. Learn more about the latest advancements and challenges in fire safety at or watch IAFC TV here.

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