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ASEE TV 2020

ASEE TV 2020 - the conference did not take place onsite at the convention center. Instead, we helped ASEE create a virtual tv program for their great conference.


at ASEE’s Virtual Conference

The American Society for Engineering Educators advances innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession. Welcome to ASEE’s first virtual conference and our virtual rendition of ASEE TV. Here we'll be catching up with some of the biggest ASEE newsmakers as well as profiling select institutions doing excellent work in Engineering Education. In this playlist you’ll find an interview with the Society’s Executive Director Norman Fortenberry discussing the current state of ASEE. We catch up with ASEE President-Elect Sheryl Sorby as well as ASEE President Stephanie Adams. We hear from Joe Helble about the Provosts Meeting he’s recently inaugurated, as well as we have an informative interview with Darryl Pines, the newly-elected President of the University of Maryland. Between interviews, be sure to check out our profiles on Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as Fairfield University’ School of Engineering to learn about the work they’re doing.


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https://youtu.be/fx_zM5MU2xg Fairfield University School of Engineering

Fairfield University School of Engineering

In Focus

https://youtu.be/pyN4Ns_dkEA Stevens Institute

Stevens Institute

of Technology Schaefer School of Engineering & Science

https://youtu.be/h5s4cl0gmTs Norman Fortenberry

Norman Fortenberry

ASEE Executive Director

https://youtu.be/Rw7B-bsbYu8 Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams

ASEE President

https://youtu.be/pxpWfMVOzjI Sheryl Sorby

Sheryl Sorby

ASEE President-Elect

https://youtu.be/GBjvC8XpZNQ Joseph Helble

Joseph Helble

Provost of Dartmouth College