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ADA TV 2019

WebsEdge/Health presents ADA TV 2019.

Highlights and conference news from the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions. The meeting will be held June 7-11 in San Francisco, CA.

The program will feature the most timely and significant advances in basic science and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes.

Gan and Lee Pharmaceuticals

China's Diabetes Problem: Challenges and Solutions

China is seeing a rapid increase in Type 2 diabetes prevalence, with numbers close to those in the USA and other high-prevalence western countries. At the same time, studies suggest high numbers at the pre-diabetes stage, indiciating numbers are set to increase further. To meet these challenges requires a comprehensive approach in health systems across China. With the support of the government, China Diabetes Society and other leading diabates organizations in China, diabates experts and endocrinlogy departments across the country are leading the way in establishing shared care teams to ensure every diabetes patient receives comprehensive education as to how to manage their disease. With minimal time to spend with each patient, care needs to be extended beyond the doctor - with the support of nurses and other education staff, the team are utilising online resources as well as events such as a diabates olympics to help people manage their diabetes. This approach is well established in China's major cities, but getting access to a full time educator in more isolated, less developed regions is much harder. Consequently, health providers are working to train more people across the country, and making sure doctors and medical staff at all levels are well informed about the best approaches to diabetes management. With the right training, better education for patients, as well as continuous work in the provision of cheaper, more effective drugs for the management of diabetes, doctors in China are hoping to stay ahead of the curve and keep more people healthy and free of the possible complications of diabates. This film is sponsored by Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, a high-tech biopharmaceutical company specialized in research, development, production and commercialization of insulin and its analogues, leading in the diabetes market in China.


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