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Spring is a really busy season here at WebsEdge. Fifteen conferences in three months equates to around 50 days of broadcast television – more than a year’s supply of Antique’s Roadshow!

What makes it even busier is that these days we’re literally covering the globe. Of those 15 conferences, several will be all across the United States but will also include places as far apart as Singapore and Mexico City.

Within that bunch is an increasing number of European conferences. I’m recently back from Valencia where we produced the first set of  programmes for EBMT TV at the European Bone Marrow Transplant (EBMT) annual conference. The EBMT event brought together thousands of people from many different countries to look at the latest advances in medical science and to meet old friends and new.

The setting for the conference was important too – the great Spanish city of Valencia. It’s the third biggest city in Spain and one of Europe’s busiest ports. Unusually for a modern city it maintains something of its industrial heritage. But Valencia, like a lot of Spain, was badly affected by the 2008 economic crash and has really needed that sense of purpose to build itself back.

And it was a sense of purpose I found at the EBMT. A real sense of purpose and urgency when it came to exploring the latest scientific breakthroughs and far more importantly a real sense of purpose when it came to making a difference to the lives of their patients. I couldn’t help but think on my way home that perhaps to make sense of Europe’s future we all need to tap into that shared sense of purpose I found in Valencia.

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