The critical role of teachers beyond the classroom

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Education is key in every society. It empowers us, it fosters creativity and new ideas it allows us to play a role in addressing important issues in our community. Led by the United Nations, World Teachers’ Day (05/10/15) focuses on “Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies”.

Pivotal to the success of any education system are the teachers. So why do teachers who play such an important role in society get a lot of bad press?

Expectations of education standards are high as are the expectations set for teachers and students in education achievements. In a lot cases resources and training opportunities for teachers are low or not always readily available.

One institution looking to make a difference in that area is Battelle Education. WebsEdge/Education visited the institute as part of NSTA TV to see first-hand how they are empowering teachers through STEM and implementing new innovative lessons. The knock on effect demonstrated in the video below shows not only an increase in student participation but also further effect on student life outside the classroom.

The future impact of teachers on our community will be clearer as the next generation become future influencers; not just in our own communities but globally too. We highlight one of the next generation entrepreneurs Parker Owen; Winner of the FIRST Robotics Competition Future Innovators Award.  Parker Owen discusses with ASEE TV his prosthetic leg invention made from a bicycle designed for developing countries.

Today on World Teachers’ Day, the global education community are in unison with the acknowledgment of the vital role teachers will play in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With education prominently in the SDGs, the 2030 UN Agenda for Education will support teachers through better work environments, resources and training; empowering teachers in reaching Global Goals. Follow the hashtag #globalgoals to keep up to date with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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