Teaching Science in the Technological Era

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At the recent National Science Teachers Association conference in Chicago, WebsEdge/Education produced NSTA TV for a second year running. Reporting on the latest development in STEM Education, including the idea that video games could be used as the next teaching and measurement tool raises questions on the impact of popular culture trends on youth and the way they learn.

Access to information and new ideas is more available than ever before through the expansion internet and the evolution of mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets. What is more apparent is the ability and pace at which the youth embrace and adapt to these changes.

Watch an NSTA TV interview with Barry Fishman, University of Michigan who argues that a well-constructed educational video game has the potential to be a powerful and influential learning mechanism which allows students to explore their own learning path, creating personalised education.

Some topics covered in science are not always possible to bring into life the classroom using traditional teaching methods, leaving an opportunity for technology as an interactive alternative.

NSTA TV was on location in Urbana, Illinois, to produce an in-depth feature report of The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) program. The initiative is designed to bring modelling and simulation in to undergraduate education to encourage computational thinking to solve real life challenges.

Through their institutional partnerships they also empower teachers to use technology in a simulating and visually engaging way to encourage the next generation on scientists and science teachers.

Watch all the coverage from NSTA TV 2015 here

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