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Almost 46.8 million people across the globe are living with dementia today, and it’s expects this number to double every 20 years according to Alzheimer’s Disease International’s (ADI) World Alzheimer Report 2015, released last month. With the number of people diagnosed rapidly increasing, World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM) this month is crucial for raising awareness.

The 2015 ‘Remember Me’ campaign focuses on being informed and remembering those affected by dementia.  Knowing the facts is important for identifying and understanding the effects of the disease.

Some of the latest research to emerge from the 2015 International Brain Research Organization’s World Congress in Rio de Janerio looked at brain function and two mechanisms that might provide new ways to prevent or possibly contribute towards a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Further research is needed to develop and enhance the treatments of dementia, and quality of life for those with the disease.

Back in 2011 as part of ADI TV, WebsEdge/Health visited The McGill University Research Centre for Studies in Aging in Canada to see first-hand the early intervention and patient support programs offered to the community.

With the global cost of dementia to hit $1 trillion by 2018, the burden on society will only continue to grow. In particular low to middle income country will be hit hard. Today, 58% of all people with dementia currently live in low to middle income country with that set to increase to 68% in 2050.

Focusing on developing countries, we spoke with Amit Dias, founding member of the Dementia Society of Goa, at the 2011 ADI conference. He shared even then the prevalence of Alzheimer’s in India and their initiative to improve dementia care.

On World Alzheimer’s Day- 21st September, find out how you can be involved and learn the key facts about dementia from ADI.

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