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OCTOBER 09, 2012 12:10 AM| no comments
Phoenix AZ Convention Center

So this week the WebsEdge team is in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re here to produce ICMA tv at the International City and County Managers Association’s 98th annual meeting. We’re delighted to be here and it’s the seventh time we’ve produced ICMA tv.

In Phoenix this week there is a realization across local government that we have now reached what people are calling the ‘new normal’. Economically things are beginning to stabalise. Sure, there are big differences across countries, and even provinces within countries, but fundamentally they’re not going to change that much. We’re not contracting and losing jobs, but we’re not growing quickly either.

So what does that mean to local government leaders gathering for this conference? Well it’s summed up in the theme of the week – building community. In essence, the future is in our own hands. There is enough stability now to plan for the future but equally there is little point in waiting for an economic miracle. In many ways it is a similar message to the Chiefs of Police meeting in San Diego last week – problems are ours to solve at a local level.

And you know Phoenix itself offers a lot of inspiration to that regard. America’s sixth biggest city Phoenix has gone through quite a transformation in recent years. Not just through the big regeneration that’s gone on in the downtown but also through the innovative use of new technology and harnessing resources such as solar power.

And that’s of course where ICMA tv comes in. Seeking out examples of best practice from around the world and letting everyone know what can be done. It’s surely by collaborating in that way that the leaders gathering here this week will gain the confidence to build those communities of tomorrow.


Stephen Horn

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