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From humble beginnings, ICMA tv began in 2006 at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) annual conference in San Antonio. Having branched out into America only two years prior, Conference TV at that time was more experimental and produced on a much smaller scale than today. Our focus was on dissemination at the conference; screening in the hotels was quite advanced for its time.

Fast forward 10 years, the explosion of the web means ICMA tv is now not just at the conference itself but also accessible via multiple digital and social platforms to a wider global audience.

Integral to the success of ICMA tv is not just its accessibility but the ability to convey good stories. ICMA has always integrated thought provoking themes and speakers into their conference program.

In 2012, Jim Collins, author of Great by Choice shared with ICMA tv how innovation alone is not the answer to great city and county management but the scalability of innovation is key.

Engagement is key to connecting with the stories and it’s something ICMA tv has been able to capture over the years. An interview with Social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy in 2013 on body language resonated with the ICMA audience and indeed ourselves. She discusses the affect posture can have on our ability to respond to different situations – words of wisdom which we still use today in our own practice.

Currently as the longest running Conference TV partnership, WebsEdge has covered some of ICMA’s important milestones including the associations 100th Anniversary. Last year in the interview below, Bob O’Neill, Executive Director of International City/County Management Association talks about reaching ICMA’s 100th anniversary and the future of city management.

Ten years since the beginning of ICMA tv, WebsEdge/Government has produced over 170 videos highlighting examples of best practice and leadership in local governments.

A testament to the longevity of ICMA tv is the continuing relevancy and diversity of stories; covering a variety of challenges like regeneration, strategic planning, economic variability and liveability. New initiatives and discussions featured in ICMA tv inspire action and change that have lasting impact on communities not just in North America but around the world.

As the 2015 ICMA Annual Conference in Seattle draws nearer, we look forward to what’s next in store for ICMA tv…..

Watch ICMA tv and see which cities will be featuring this year here.

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