Day 5 – Travel Day!

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I’m writing this from the departure gate at Johannesburg where we are waiting for our Air Malawi fight. We’ve had to come to the gate by 11 for our 12.15 flight because apparently the pilot may decide to leave at 11.15 instead! We’re only fractionally concerned that no one else seems to be on our flight , they obviously know something we don’t as the equivalent SAA flight is full.

So its our big transfer day and we were up before sunrise and not sorry to leave the B+B behind. We found the airport without getting lost at all and Gerald was delighted to finally get us into a Wimpy for our breakfast.

So far our first flight has gone without hitch, and now we have just been called to our Malawi flight so I will continue this when we arrive there….

Moni – Hello! Here we are, we arrived to a very green airport, and got through immigration without a hitch. The plane as it turned out was quite full and we have learnt why we were called so early – to encourage people not to be late. But that seems to have had limited success as we were still boarding stragglers after our departure time – good old African Time again.

After a few interesting moments at the car hire and Liz getting an enormous wodge of local currency we hit the road and arrived at our hotel. Lilongwe on first site appears to be very green and very spacious. We passed a wide variety of transport on the short journey, many people on foot of course, but many people on bikes carrying incredible loads like small trees and huge logs, they weave around under the heavy loads and so we gave them a wide birth, there are also old trucks spitting out black smoke, laden with all manner of freight in huge volumes.

The hotel itself is nice and Gerald, Alex and I went for a very very brief and cold dip in the pool last night, it was certainly refreshing.

We then met up with the Global Health contingent out here, Laura, Todd and Maurice. We all dined together on brai at the hotel, it was delicious but needless to say it didn’t compare with Gerald’s.

Before bedtime Alex hosted a mini screening of the messages which the Global Health team was really delighted with. Then finally to bed for a well earned rest.

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