A Catalyst for Change: Global Health Film Festival

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Last month the inaugural Global Health Film Festival was held in London. Organized by the Global Health Film initiative (GHFi)- a partnership between The Royal Society of Medicine, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The festival which took place on 30th and 31st October 2015 gave an opportunity for global health issues to be brought to light through short feature films, designed to inspire, generate discussion and instigate action. Four films premiered, all telling stories about neglected areas of global health.

Global Health Film initiative (GHFi) held a number of complementary workshop during the festival, addressing critical topics in creating films in a global health context. The GHFi recognized not only the role in which film can play in telling important stories in global health, but the social impact such films can have on policy makers, educators and the wider community.

Bringing the human element to the forefront of the global health discussion, the Global Health Film Festival shared the personal stories in aging, the impact of sugar on our health, social inequality and the body teams responding to the Ebola outbreak.

Film as a powerful medium to communicate stories and issues that connect with audiences is something that resonates with us at Global Health TV.

Initially born out of a partnership with the Global Health Council, Global Health TV communicated developments at the frontier of research and community based initiatives through films and videos. Since the we have evolved into a platform for sharing stories that are advancing our knowledge and response to global health issues.

Whether you are leading research, implementing global health programs, influencing health policy or engaging directly with the community; we all have a role to play in advancing global health.  The inaugural Global Health Film Festival has highlighted how film can be used to make global health a talking point and a catalyst for social change.

If you have a film, video or story to share about global health initiatives, please contact Global Health TV: globalhealthtv@websedge.com

Global Health TV produced by WebsEdge/Health – connecting issues and audiences through the power of television.  Find more at www.globalhealthtv.com or follow us @GlobalHealth_TV  for updates.


Global Health Film Festival – www.globalhealthfilm.org/festival
Global Health Film initiative (GHFi) – www.globalhealthfilm.org
Global Health TV- www.globalhealthtv.com

The Royal Society of Medicine – www.rsm.ac.uk
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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – www.lshtm.ac.uk

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