4000 voices- one goal: preventing viral hepatitis

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Prevention is the key message for World Hepatitis Day (WHD) 2015, with 4000 people dying every day from the disease and over 400 million people infected worldwide. Important work in hepatitis prevention is still needed globally as identification and access to treatments remain barriers to eradicating the disease.

WebsEdge/Health has been following the progress in viral hepatitis diagnosis and treatments with its coverage of events for American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) and Digestive Disease Week (DDW).

In the last year, a lot of buzz has been generated in the hepatology community about the recent advancements in Hepatitis C which is now considered a curable disease.

One of challenges in prevention of viral hepatitis is diagnosis, as the disease can often have very few symptoms.

WebsEdge/Health spoke with Associate Professor Nancy Reau, in San Diego, at Digestive Disease Week 2015, about the high risk factors for Hepatitis C and the latest screening process.

Despite advancements there are still many global disparities in Liver Diseases – such as hepatitis, with differences in ethnicities and regional challenges.

Take for instance the port town of Antwerp, Belgium where the growing migrant population is contributing to the rise of viral hepatitis B and C.

WebsEdge/Health visited Antwerp University Hospital to find out more about current treatment for viral hepatitis and their outreach program in the local migrant community focusing on education and screening.

World Hepatitis Day plays an important role in raising awareness of the global prevalence of the disease through campaigns like 4000 voices and empowering people in the prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis.

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