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Regenstrief Institute

Improving public health with practical informatics research

The Regenstrief Institute is an internationally recognized health services research organization that seeks to improve health care for all persons. They partner with health systems and public health organizations to solve health care and prevention challenges to improve population health in the US and beyond. A growing area of research within Regenstrief, and an area critical to population health, is public health informatics. This discipline applies methods from information and computer science to support the work of public health organizations. The Regenstrief Public Health Informatics Program has improved public health practice by applying its deep experience in health informatics to population health challenges including COVID-19, working in partnership with local, state and national public health agencies to improve public health. The program is focused on developing, evaluating and applying tools like Uppstroms. Uppstroms is a machine learning tool that gathers together health data to flag up what services a patient might be in need of now, from social care to mental health, rather than waiting until the problem gets much worse. It’s projects like these that show how public health informatics can make a real difference to people’s lives, helping public health bodies prioritise their services and mitigate for health disparities across their population. The Regenstrief Institute is and always has been at the forefront of this field.


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