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APRIL 11, 2011 12:04 AM| no comments

So the WebsEdge team is recently back from Toronto. And I have to say the warm weather we’re enjoying in London is most welcome after the minus 15 degrees we endured there.

But Toronto is of course a great city and we had a good week. We were there to provide television for Alzheimer’s Disease International’s (ADI’s) annual conference. It’s an event that brings Alzheimer’s societies together from all over the world. Eminent research scientists share the podium with people living with the disease in many different countries. Each plenary session is packed to the rafters – very unusual in this type of event – as everyone strains to hear the latest developments.

Our programmes brought together case studies of best practice both from research institutes and care homes doing their best to cope with the disease as well as interviews with prominent scientists talking at the conference. It was a rare opportunity to see so much of the good work that’s currently going on.

And it soon became clear to us that something quite different was happening. People were stopping to watch the programmes but they also wanted to participate in them. They wanted to take part in the discussions but they also wanted to use the materials to promote debate at their own events.

Why such an interest? Partly because everybody there was in some way or other effected by the disease. But also because of all the research work currently being done to ultimately look for a cure for the disease. That means people are very keen to try and keep themselves up to date with the latest developments.

And it gives on-line video an important role.  Partly as a way of keeping people up to date on what’s going on globally but perhaps more importantly by spreading a little hope for some very brave people who need it the most.

Watch our content from ADI 2011 here.

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