Prime Ministerial TV debates – style or substance

APRIL 15, 2010 12:04 AM| no comments

Well it’s only a matter of hours now until the UK prime ministerial TV debates get under way. All the leaders are prepped and ready to go and the programmes – live on tv, radio and the internet will reach tens of millions of people throughout the world.

And it’s a first. Whilst common practice in America this has never been attempted before in the UK. It’s the first time a Prime Minister has given the opposition equal footing in this way. And though a lot of attention has been focused on the strict rules governing the event it is still generating great excitement.

But what will it achieve? Is this really just style over substance actually masking the policy differences between the two sides? It’s tempting to think so isn’t it. After all it’s what happens to the economy, not the rating figures that really matter.

But I’m not so sure. One trend that is inescapable is the ever-reducing engagement between politicians and their electorate. If people flocked to public meetings and  debate was alive across the dinner table then we wouldn’t need these events. But it isn’t. We’re ten days into the campaign and frankly nobody really seems to care.

So I’m really looking forward to them. I hope the energy the TV and the social networking bring will kick start these elections. And though they may not re-write the rules in the way the Obama campaign did they may at least make themselves relevant in the 21st century. That’s if they don’t fluff their lines!

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