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AUGUST 01, 2011 12:08 AM| no comments

I’ve been in Mumbai for three days now and it hasn’t stopped raining! Well what do you expect – it is the Monsoon season.

But what an interesting week it’s been. I started in New Delhi and made my way via Kochi to Mumbai. I’ve met so many great people to talk about introducing conference tv and on-line television channels to core clients in India.

Not that there’s a shortage of television in India of course. Sitting here in the heart of Bollywood that’s all too obvious! And whilst I write this the whole of India, or so it seems, is watching the 2nd cricket test match against England.

But there are also a plethora of news and business channels here that give you a window on the world. It’s been particularly fascinating for me to watch reporting on the Indian economy. Company after company has been reporting it’s figures which, by and large, show significant increases in sales and profits. And whilst a lot of the names are similar – I’ve been watching coverage on both local CNBC and CNN – the coverage isn’t . It’s less critical and of course the numbers are radically different.

It’s also been fascinating to watch the US debt crisis evolve here and to see how that’s been reported. It’s clear to people here – and throughout Asia – that the US economy and it’s problems are of vital importance to everyone. And of course they’re hoping for – and expecting – a sensible outcome. Though you do get the feeling that many here wonder how it got to this in the first place.

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