Day 2 – Ezibelini

MAY 13, 2008 12:05 AM| comments  2

Later in the day we visited Ezibelini. This is the township for Queenstown.

The children had arrived for their after school care. They play games, sing songs and have a chance to talk to their CCW about any problems. Unlike Illinge, these children are not necessarilly orphans. Many were brought to the safepark having been found playing on the local dump sometimes with dead animals. The children put on the most wonderful dance and singing show. The highlight was the Gumboots dance, which was a traditional miners dance in wellies.

At the end of the day, we returned to the safe haven in Bholotwa to great excitement. Confirming Sam’s worst fears….Roni had discovered a poisonous adder crawling across the grass to where David had been reading. Fortunately it was now hanging on the fence after a sharp pop on the head. Gerald cooked it. Evidence below…

Gerald and the Adder

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No, we didn't eat it. Tempted thought we were. It's an African superstition that it should be burnt otherwise it would come back with friends to find dead snake is more than enough for us lily livered Europeans (and Gerald)


"Cooked it"?! Tell me you didn't eat it too?!


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