4000 voices- one goal: preventing viral hepatitis

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Prevention is the key message for World Hepatitis Day (WHD) 2015, with 4000 people dying every day from the disease and over 400 million people infected worldwide. Important work in hepatitis prevention is still needed globally as identification and access to treatments remain barriers to eradicating the disease. WebsEdge/Health has been following the progress in […]

World Population Day – Protecting the most vulnerable

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World Population Day 2015 focuses on Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies, particularly women and adolescents who are susceptible to issues affecting health, safety and dignity. In emergencies situations such as natural disasters or disease epidemics, these vulnerable populations can be exposed to: – Limited access to sexual and reproductive healthcare – Infectious diseases – Sexual and […]

Gap between need & funding of mental health in Africa

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By David J. Olson Sean Mayberry has spent his entire life surrounded by mental illness. As a child and an adult, people close to him have endured this affliction. But he had an epiphany when he happened upon a young man behind a farmhouse in Uganda, sitting in his own excrement and digging in the […]